Shawn Kay
the Showman

Owner of DoItAll Entertainment and DIA Media Productions, his experience and knowledge of the live event and media production industry is making him a pioneer to lead some of the best events in North America


It's time to show the world that
Shawn Kay the Showman can Do It ALL!

Shawn Kay, a multifaceted entertainer, is poised to captivate audiences across the nation. Represented by ICON STUDIOS US in Dallas and LA for TV, Films, and Commercials, he has been setting stages ablaze since the tender age of 7. His journey began in 2001 when he stunned his entire Middle School with a mesmerizing rendition of Brian McKnight's '6, 8, 12' during their Variety Show.

From that electrifying debut, Shawn Kay's talents soared to new heights. Not content with just his singing prowess, he honed his skills as an MC and host, solidifying his status as a dynamic performer. In 2005, he embarked on a journey as a Mitzvah Interactive Dancer, setting the stage for his transformation into the showman he was destined to become. Two years later, he found a mentor who would guide him on his path to greatness.

Shawn Kay's incredible journey has taken him to over 25 cities across North America, including Mexico and Canada. Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind unforgettable memories through his unforgettable performances. But Shawn Kay is not limited to just one genre of entertainment. He has ventured into the realm of comedy, creating side-splitting sketch videos and gracing the stage with his comedic talents. In 2019, he proudly graduated from Chicago's prestigious Second City Improv Comedy program

As a versatile artist, Shawn Kay wears many hats, including those of an original singer, cover artist, parody expert, songwriter, and more. His collaborative spirit has led him to work with industry brands and professionals across various mediums. Acting has been another avenue for his artistic expression, with appearances in numerous productions and affiliations with esteemed brands and businesses.

Beyond his musical and comedic endeavors, Shawn Kay has also ventured into the world of voice acting. His impressive vocal range and delivery make him a standout talent in this domain.

In addition to his thriving entertainment career, Shawn Kay is the owner of DoItAll Entertainment and DIA Media Productions. His extensive experience and deep knowledge of the live event and media production industry have positioned him as a trailblazer, leading some of the most extraordinary events in North America.

Shawn Kay, the Showman, is a force to be reckoned with, and he's ready to showcase his boundless talents to the world. With a passion for entertaining and a determination to "Do It ALL," Shawn Kay is a name you won't soon forget.

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